Best affordable resume writing services you can find

Best affordable resume writing services you can find

Your goal is to focus on the employer and his or her needs. You need to tell employers what specific job you are applying for, rather than making them think about a job that would suit you.

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Then goes to personal information. Full name, place of residence, date of birth, marital status, contact information (phone, e-mail). If you are not yet sure if you are ready to change jobs, please indicate only your name. Some list their profile on social networks. Be smart. Are you really ready for the potential employer to receive so much personal information about you at prior knowledge?

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Basic and additional education. First, we indicate the basic education (do not forget to indicate the start and end dates), and then the additional. If the list of courses you attended exceeds the page, we recommend leaving the main ones. Do not forget that the optimal resume size should not exceed 2-3 pages.


Work experience. The resume description of your work experience should be consistent (starting from your last job) and presented in an easy-to-read format. Each place of work should be highlighted in the text, each place of work has its own paragraph. This contributes to a better perception of the text.

The description must contain the title of the position, the period of work is indicated. Expand basic responsibilities. If necessary, indicate the number of subordinates (if you had them) and specific projects in which you took part. Be sure to indicate the results achieved at the end.

Key skills and competencies. In this section, we recommend that you indicate your basic skills and abilities. Collected in one place, they give you a more holistic view and allow you to compare the scale of the tasks facing the position with the number of required skills and abilities of the applicant.


Additional Information. In this section, you can tell a little more personally about yourself. List your hobbies, personal qualities, skills (knowledge of languages, computer skills, and driving), interests, and other information that is not included in other sections of the resume and will help to form a more complete picture of you.

Recommendations. Indicate the employees of the companies in which you worked, who can objectively assess your work in the company. In order not to find yourself in an awkward position, do not forget to warn them about this in advance.

CV volume. As a rule, the length of the resume should not exceed 2–3 pages. The larger volume is difficult to digest, and short resumes, in which you need to read between the lines (if this is not the position of a line employee), are not perceived. A common mistake is to specify a job title and a minimum description of responsibilities. The functionality of employees holding the same position may differ significantly from company to company.

We recommend that you periodically revise your resume because with each new job you enrich your experience with new skills and competencies. Moreover, each new job allows you to evaluate your experience and achievements in previous jobs in a different way. In this case, you need to correct the description and preceding places.

And one more thing: don’t take all recommendations literally. In any business, there should always be a place for creativity. There are no rules without exceptions. Remember the main thing – you must interest the reader.

And finally, the main thing. You need to be creative when writing a resume. Even in a clearly structured text, the author must be visible. Use facts and figures, but don’t forget about emotions. After all, your reader is a company employee whom you should be interested in, and perhaps even surprise!

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