NCERT Solutions For Class 3 EVS

NCERT Solutions For Class 3 EVS provides important questions to the students in an easy way. Students search for answers to the questions in NCERT Textbook. You can understand the concepts with the help of these NCERT Solutions. We have given detailed answers to each question in all chapters and are available online. CBSE Class 3 EVS has 24 chapters. You can download the NCERT Solutions For Class 3 EVS Pdf of all chapters and compare it with your answers. Students can complete their homework by using these NCERT Solutions and gain knowledge on EVS subjects.

Class 3 EVS NCERT Solutions

NCERT Solutions Class 3 EVS can understand easily and can attend the same answers in their exams. These NCERT Solutions help the students to prepare better and develop their insights into several things. Our experts have covered all the syllabus prescribed by the CBSE board and provided solutions for every chapter. You can download NCERT Class 3 EVS free pdf from the links provided here.

NCERT Solutions For Class 3 EVS All Chapters

  • Chapter 1 Poonams Day out
  • Chapter 2 The Plant Fairy
  • Chapter 3 Water O’ Water
  • Chapter 4 Our First School
  • Chapter 5 Chhotu’s House
  • Chapter 6 Foods We Eat
  • Chapter 7 Saying Without Speaking
  • Chapter 8 Flying High
  • Chapter 9 It’s Raining
  • Chapter 10 What is Cooking?
  • Chapter 11 From Here To There
  • Chapter 12 Work We Do
  • Chapter 13 Sharing Our Feelings
  • Chapter 14 The Story of Food
  • Chapter 15 Making Pots
  • Chapter 16 Games We Play
  • Chapter 17 Here Comes a Letter
  • Chapter 18 A House Like This!
  • Chapter 19 Our Friends-Animal
  • Chapter 20 Drop By Drop
  • Chapter 21 Families Can Be Different
  • Chapter 22 Left-Right
  • Chapter 23 A beautiful cloth
  • Chapter 24 Web of Life


We provide you with the most accurate and easiest answers to learn them easily. We hope you get all the study material for Class 3 EVS with solutions. You can follow these NCERT Solutions and make your study easier and improve your performance by practicing these NCERT Solutions. You can develop your reasoning, thinking, and learning skills with the help of Class 3 EVS Solutions.