NCERT Solutions For Class 5 EVS – Environmental Studies

NCERT Solutions For Class 5 EVS are prepared by our competent experts in the subject with experience in teaching Maths. We have taken steps to make this NCERT Solutions in a way to understand concepts easily and simply. This book contains a large number of important questions. We have answered all of them in our Class 5 EVS NCERT Solutions. This is the product of countless hours of researching and going through the NCERT Class 5 EVS Solutions.

NCERT Solutions Class 5 EVS – CBSE Class 5 EVS

Class 5 EVS NCERT Solutions are given in chapter wise order in the following section. Students need to click on the chapter name to browse to the respective chapter wise solutions. Understanding and learning these basic concept is very much important in the long term. Students can refer to our NCERT Solutions Class 5 Maths for guidance.

NCERT Solutions For Class 5 Maths – All Chapters

  • Chapter 1 Super Senses
  • Chapter 2 A Snake Charmer’s Story
  • Chapter 3 From Tasting To Digesting
  • Chapter 4 Mangoes Round The Year
  • Chapter 5 Seeds And Seeds
  • Chapter 6 Every Drop Counts
  • Chapter 7 Experiments With Water
  • Chapter 8 A Treat For Mosquitoes
  • Chapter 9 Up You Go!
  • Chapter 10 Walls Tell Stories
  • Chapter 11 Sunita In Space
  • Chapter 12 What If It Finishes?
  • Chapter 13 A Shelter So High!
  • Chapter 14 When The Earth Shook!
  • Chapter 15 Blow Hot, Blow Cold
  • Chapter 16 Who Will Do This Work?
  • Chapter 17 Across The Wall
  • Chapter 18 No Place For Us?
  • Chapter 19 A Seed Tells A Farmers Story
  • Chapter 20 Whose Forests?
  • Chapter 21 Like Father, Like Daughter
  • Chapter 22 On The Move Again

NCERT Solutions Class 5th Environmental Studies

NCERT Solutions Class 5th EVS has been given in the above section. All of the important questions are answered fully and clearly. Students need to read and know about our environment. Practicing question and answers in our Class 5th NCERT Solutions EVS will surely help students understand more of about this environment and score good marks in the examinations.