NCERT Solutions For Class 6 History – Chapter Wise Solutions

NCERT Solutions For Class 6 History¬†have been given on this page for assisting students in exam preparations. History is one of the boring and monotonous subjects among students. It is true to some extent. To make it interesting, or otherwise less boring, clearing doubts and understanding the concepts is the key. That’s where our Class 6 NCERT Solutions History comes in. Our subject experts team took a great care and extensive research while preparing this NCERT Solutions. This material is prepared as per the latest instructions and guidelines according to the CBSE (NCERT) Board.

NCERT Solutions Class 6 History – CBSE Class 6 History Solutions

Chapter wise NCERT Solutions Class 6 History are given in the following section. Students can go to the actual posts containing chapter-wise links by clicking on the links below. Practicing our Class 6 History NCERT Solutions is very useful for students preparing for examinations.

NCERT Solutions For Class 6 Social Science History – All Chapters

  • Chapter 1 What, Where, How, and When?
  • Chapter 2 On The Trail of the Earliest People
  • Chapter 3 From Gathering to Growing Food
  • Chapter 4 In the Earliest Cities
  • Chapter 5 What Books and Burials Tell Us
  • Chapter 6 Kingdoms, Kings and the Early Republic
  • Chapter 7 New Questions and Ideas
  • Chapter 8 Ashoka, The Emperor Who Gave Up War
  • Chapter 9 Vital Villages, Thriving Towns
  • Chapter 10 Traders, Kings, and Pilgrims
  • Chapter 11 New Empires and Kingdoms
  • Chapter 12 Buildings, Paintings, and Books

NCERT Solutions For Class 6th Social Science History

Class 6 NCERT Solutions History¬†provided above will give students a deep understanding of the subject. After going through the chapter, we recommend attempt to answer the questions by themselves first. If they stuck on any question or didn’t know where to start, they can refer to our NCERT Solutions Class 6 Social Science History.