NCERT Solutions For Class 6 Science – Chapter Wise Solutions

NCERT Solutions For Class 6 ScienceĀ are given here for all chapters in the textbook. These are made available for everyone to download. This material is provided for the students to assist them in building a solid foundation in the subject. These NCERT Solutions are prepared by a team of subject experts with good experience in teaching this subject to the students. All of our Class 6 Science NCERT Solutions are created according to the latest CBSE (NCERT) Syllabus. Answers to all the questions are given straightforwardly.

NCERT Solutions Class 6 Science – CBSE Class 6 Science

All of the Class 6 Science NCERT Solutions are given in the following section. Students have to click on the chapter names to browse the respective chapters. Practicing questions and answers in our NCERT Solutions Class 6 ScienceĀ will be very much helpful for students while preparing for examinations.

NCERT Solutions For Class 6 Science – All Chapters

  • Chapter 1 Food Where Does It Come From
  • Chapter 2 Components of Food
  • Chapter 3 Fibre to Fabric
  • Chapter 4 Sorting Materials Into Groups
  • Chapter 5 Separation of Substances
  • Chapter 6 Changes Around Us
  • Chapter 7 Getting to Know Plants
  • Chapter 8 Body Movements
  • Chapter 9 The Living Organisms and Their Surroundings
  • Chapter 10 Motion and Measurement of Distances
  • Chapter 11 Light Shadows and Reflection
  • Chapter 12 Electricity and Circuits
  • Chapter 13 Fun with Magnets
  • Chapter 14 Water
  • Chapter 15 Air Around Us
  • Chapter 16 Garbage In Garbage Out

NCERT Solutions For Class 6th Science

Class 6th NCERT Solutions Science are given above to assist students learn each and every chapter thoroughly. Understanding the basic concepts in these lower standards is very important. Solving and practicing the problems and question and answers in our NCERT Solutions Class 6th Science will help you do that.