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Download JNTUK 3-2 Results 2022 of B.Pharmacy, B.Tech Courses for the Regulations of R19, R16, R13, R10. Both the individual links i.e JNTUK B.Tech 3-2 Results 2022 and JNTUK B.Pharmacy 3-2 Results 2022 are listed at jntukresults.edu.in. With the JNTUK 3-2 Regular/ Supply Results 2022, students know the Marks, whether Passed/ Failed. If the students failed, definitely, they shall attend the Supply exams and find the JNTUK 3-2 Sem Supply Results 2022 at www.jntuk.edu.in. And if the students don’t satisfied with the Regular, Supply Exam Marks, apply for Revaluation, and know the JNTUK 3-2 Revaluation Results 2022.

JNTU Exam Notifications

JNTUK 1-1 Exam Notification JNTUH 1-1 Exam Notification JNTUA 1-1 Exam Notification
JNTUK 1-2 Exam Notification JNTUH 1-2 Exam Notification JNTUA 1-2 Exam Notification
JNTUK 2-1 Exam Notification JNTUH 2-1 Exam Notification JNTUA 2-1 Exam Notification
JNTUK 2-2 Exam Notification JNTUH 2-2 Exam Notification JNTUA 2-2 Exam Notification
JNTUK 3-1 Exam Notification JNTUH 3-1 Exam Notification JNTUA 3-1 Exam Notification
JNTUK 3-2 Exam Notification JNTUH 3-2 Exam Notification JNTUA 3-2 Exam Notification
JNTUK 4-1 Exam Notification JNTUH 4-1 Exam Notification JNTUA 4-1 Exam Notification
JNTUK 4-2 Exam Notification JNTUH 4-2 Exam Notification JNTUA 4-2 Exam Notification
JNTUK MBA Exam Notification  JNTUH MBA Exam Notification JNTUA MBA Exam Notification
JNTUK MCA Exam Notification JNTUH MCA Exam Notification JNTUA MCA Exam Notification
JNTUK M Tech Exam Notification JNTUH M Tech Exam Notification JNTUA M Tech Exam Notification
JNTUK M Pharmacy Exam Notification JNTUH M Pharmacy Exam Notification  JNTUA M Pharmacy Exam Notification
JNTUK Pharm D Exam Notification JNTUH Pharm D Exam Notification JNTUA Pharm D Exam Notification

JNTU Time Tables

JNTUK 1-1 Time Table JNTUH 1-1 Time Table JNTUA 1-1 Time Table 
JNTUK 1-2 Time Table  JNTUH 1-2 Time Table  JNTUA 1-2 Time Table 
JNTUK 2-1 Time Table  JNTUH 2-1 Time Table  JNTUA 2-1 Time Table 
JNTUK 2-2 Time Table  JNTUH 2-2 Time Table JNTUA 2-2 Time Table
JNTUK 3-1 Time Table  JNTUH 3-1 Time Table  JNTUA 3-1 Time Table
JNTUK 3-2 Time Table  JNTUH 3-2 Time Table  JNTUA 3-2 Time Table 
JNTUK 4-1 Time Table  JNTUH 4-1 Time Table  JNTUA 4-1 Time Table 
JNTUK 4-2 Time Table  JNTUH 4-2 Time Table  JNTUA 4-2 Time Table 
JNTUK MBA TimeTable  JNTUH MBA Time Table  JNTUA MBA Time Table
JNTUK MCA Time Table JNTUH MCA Time Table JNTUA MCA Time Table
JNTUK M Tech Time Table JNTUH M Tech Time Table JNTUA M Tech Time Table
JNTUK M Pharmacy Time Table JNTUH M Pharmacy Time Table JNTUA M Pharmacy Time Table 
JNTUK Pharm D Time Table JNTUH Pharm D Time Table JNTUA Pharm D Time Table

JNTU Results

JNTUK 1-1 Result  JNTUH 1-1 Result  JNTUA 1-1 Results 
JNTUK 1-2 Results  JNTUH 1-2 Results  JNTUA 1-2 Results 
JNTUK 2-1 Results  JNTUH 2-1 Results  JNTUA 2-1 Results 
JNTUK 2-2 Results  JNTUH 2-2 Results  JNTUA 2-2 Results 
JNTUK 3-1 Results  JNTUH 3-1 Results JNTUA 3-1 Results 
JNTUK 3-2 Results  JNTUH 3-2 Results  JNTUA 3-2 Results 
JNTUK 4-1 Result  JNTUH 4-1 Results  JNTUA 4-1 Results 
JNTUK 4-2 Results JNTUH 4-2 Results JNTUA 4-2 Results
JNTUK MBA Results  JNTUH MBA Results JNTUA MBA Results
JNTUK M.Tech Results JNTUH MCA Results JNTUA MCA Results
JNTUK MCA Results JNTUH M Tech Result JNTUA M Tech Result 
JNTUK M Pharmacy Result JNTUH  M Pharmacy Result JNTUA M Pharmacy Result
JNTUK Pharm D Result JNTUH Pharm D Results JNTU Anantapur Pharm D Result
JNTUK B.Tech 3-2 Revaluation Results Feb 2022 Out !
Latest Update (17th May 2022): The JNTUK B.Tech 3-2 Revaluation Results Feb 2022 R16,R13,R10 is released. Students check the results which are sent to the respective colleges.

Latest Update (14th May 2022): The JNTUK B.Pharmacy 3-2 Recounting/Revaluation Results Feb 2022 PCI, R16, R13, R10 is released. Students check the results which are sent to the respective colleges.


JNTUK 3-2 Results

JNTUK 3-2 Results 2022 – Overview

University Name Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada (JNTUK)
Exams Organized Courses Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech), Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharmacy)
Examination Name JNTUK 3-2 B.Tech/ B.Pharmacy Regular, Supplementary Examination
Regulations R19, R16, R13, R10
Category JNTUK Results
Exam Dates Completed
JNTUK 3-2 Result Date Released
Official Site www.jntuk.edu.in

Download JNTUK 3-2 Results 2022

Both B.Tech, JNTUK 3-2 Sem Regular/ Supply Results 2022 are readily available to Download. Students who attempted the Regular/ Supply exams do Download JNTUK 3-2 Results 2022 with the login link mentioned below. First, students confirm whether they passed or not in all the subjects. And next, go know Subject-wise Marks to estimate the Grade the student awarded or Credits. Next, students also Download JNTUK 3-2 Marks Memo 2022 from Jobschat or from jntukresults.edu.in. Almost all the Regulations R19, R16, R13, and R10 shall have the same link to find the marks with JNTUK 3-2 Results 2022. But, based on the regulations, either it may be Regular/ Supply Exams. There is feasibility for the students to apply for Revaluation and notice the JNTUK 3-2 Revaluation Results 2022 by paying the Fee. Do follow the page JNTU Fast Updates for knowing all the Years Mid, Semester Time Tables for getting prepared for the examination.

Concerned Links

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Steps to download JNTUK 3-2 Results 2022:

  1. Students must browse the JNTUK Website which is nothing but www.jntuk.edu.in
  2. Open the “Examinations” Page first.
  3. Click and Go to the “Results Portal” that is jntukresults.edu.in
  4. Find the JNTUK 3-2 Results 2022 B.Tech, B.Pharmacy of Regular/ Supply/ Revaluation.
  5. Open the Choice link and specify the Student Hall Ticket number.
  6. Then find JNTUK 3-2 Result 2022, know the marks, Grade Points, Credits, and Pass/ Fail Status.

Important Links

JNTUK B.Tech/B.Pharm 3-2 Revaluation Results Feb 2022 (R16, R13, R10) – Click Here (Released to the Colleges)

JNTUK B.Pharmacy 3-2 Regular/Supply Results 2022 (PCI, R16, R13) – Click Here