Discover These 10 Ancient Jobs That Still Exist

Ancient jobs were mainly created to meet the needs of the first people. As a result of the first things people made, like tools and farming, people started jobs like farming, making tools, and carpentry.

Despite digitization and modernization, some of these old jobs still exist today because they meet people’s most basic needs. Check some of the ancient jobs that still exist today.



Many accountants worked in the royal courts to keep track of people’s taxes and the country’s books in order. Many courts had ministers of finance who were in charge of the accountants.

Discover These 10 Ancient Jobs That Still Exist
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Accounting’s history goes back thousands of years to Mesopotamia, known as the “cradle of civilization,” and is thought to have grown along with writing, counting, and money. Early Egyptians and Babylonians made systems for auditing, and the Romans put together a lot of financial information.

Since money is the key to the progress of any civilization or country, there are still many jobs for them. The job of an accountant is in demand because there are more financial institutions and banks.



In the ancient world, carpentry was a specialized job. There was a lot of woodwork carpentry across borders, and this job is still essential today.

Discover These 10 Ancient Jobs That Still Exist
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You’re probably sitting on a couch, at a desk, or even in bed while you read this. All of these things will have been made by skilled artisans. These things have been around for a long time, but they look different now.

Many people in ancient Egypt worked as carpenters and were especially good at making things for tombs. Even though many things are now made with technology, the art of carpentry has never gone away, and it is still a popular way to start an apprenticeship.



Technology and medicine have come a long way compared to the past. Still, even in ancient times, doctors were held in high regard. Most royal courts had doctors or a team of doctors who could care for the king’s family and soldiers.

Discover These 10 Ancient Jobs That Still Exist
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To be born on Earth is to put yourself in the way of many problems and health risks. There are accidents, worries about immunity, and viruses from animals, just to name a few. While some people were suffering, others came up with clever ways to help them. This is how medicine became a profession.

Doctors have been helping people get better and feel better for more than 25,000 years. This honorable job has changed a lot, from putting holes in people’s heads to relieve pain to surgery, antibiotics, vaccines, and more. Medical science is even more important now that it has moved from traditional healing to more specialized areas.


This is one of the jobs that grew out of the need to make a living and meet the most basic need of people to eat. Farming is the job that made civilization possible all over the world. Humans were the first to learn how to farm, which was the start of civilization.

Discover These 10 Ancient Jobs That Still Exist
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Farming, also called agriculture, started as a way to grow food and turned into a full-fledged business over time. Agriculture is the job of 1.3 billion people worldwide, a huge 28% of the global workforce. With these numbers, it’s hard to see how a career in agriculture wouldn’t do well.

Now, more and more people want to live in a simple way that doesn’t depend on the grid. This job is a perfect fit for this kind of life. The main reason people still farm is simple and obvious: we need food to live.

Fortune Tellers

As the name suggests, fortune-telling is the art of guessing about a person’s past and future. This practice includes the ability to see into the future, call on spirits and gods, and give advice on how to live. Astrology, palmistry, lithomancy, and parrot astrology are some of the other arts that can be used to tell the future.

Discover These 10 Ancient Jobs That Still Exist
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Once called “soothsayers,” people who could tell the future and make money from it have come a long way. This job seems to have begun in parts of China, Babylonia, and Egypt around 4000 B.C.E. In fact, telling the future was an essential part of many religions in the past.

The tarot cards are popular now, and most modern fortune tellers use them to see what will happen.


Massage therapy has been around for a long time and has been used for a long time as a natural way to heal. As early as 3,000 BCE, people in India, Egypt, and China were interested in massage therapy. A masseuse is a person who gives massages, usually a woman.

Discover These 10 Ancient Jobs That Still Exist
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Massage therapy has had a good reputation in history, especially because it was used to heal and strengthen athletes’ bodies in ancient Greece. Royal families all over the world also liked getting massages a lot. Most kings hired a masseuse to give them massages.

Because massage is so good for people, the masseuse job has been around for a long time. These benefits are less muscle tension, more joint flexibility, and fewer stress hormones. Massage is a type of physical therapy that continues to help and nourish many people.


Music is something that people from all over the world share. Prehistoric people made instruments out of bone, and clay tablets from ancient civilizations had musical notations on them.

Discover These 10 Ancient Jobs That Still Exist
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For there to be music, there must be musicians who make it. Because of their creativity, they have one of the oldest jobs that are still around today. Even though music has changed a lot, the idea behind it, which is to entertain and express oneself, has stayed the same.

Music has been shown to bring people together, help them relax, improve their mental health, and help them grow. Scientists say that music began about 50,000 years ago. They thought that singing was the first form of music.


Wars have been going on since the beginning of time. The Mesopotamian civilization is where the first war in human history happened. Soldiers have been putting their lives on the line in these wars, primarily for causes that are not even their own.

Discover These 10 Ancient Jobs That Still Exist
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In modern terms, a soldier is a person who is part of a country’s armed forces. Soldiers are essential to the safety and military strength of their country. Not only is he brave when the country is in danger, but he also looks out for the country’s best interests when they are at risk.

The main reason there are soldiers is that people, places, and countries fight over resources. As long as there are armies in the different countries, there will be battles. So, the job of a soldier will remain and continue to serve.


Everyone enjoys a good story from getting lost in an excellent book to making up stories on Whatsapp. Experts say people started using modern language to talk about 200,000 years ago.

Discover These 10 Ancient Jobs That Still Exist
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Soon after that, people started sharing information and stories. Back then, people told stories by word of mouth. Now, though, there are many ways to share stories, especially online. The art of telling stories will always be around, from writing books and newspapers to making blogs and vlogs.


At least 83,000 years ago, there was evidence that people started to wear clothes. Tailoring has been around since the early Middle Ages. Some of the first tailors made custom linen clothes with padding.

Discover These 10 Ancient Jobs That Still Exist
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Early clothes were simple, and most people wore them to stay warm. But times changed, and as skills improved, designers, dressmakers, tailors, manufacturers, and patternmakers still make us look good today.

You’ll need a good eye for details, a lot of creativity, and usually some good sewing skills. Today, fashion designers and clothing stores hire a lot of tailors, which means that the job is still in high demand.


Teaching is seen as a noble job worldwide, and people have always been proud of their teachers. Even though teachers don’t make much money these days, they are still in high demand.

Discover These 10 Ancient Jobs That Still Exist
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Teaching has changed from a simple way to teach to a complicated job. Education helps kids and young adults develop their minds and prepares them to be valuable members of society.

Confucius, who lived in 561 B.C. and was the first famous private teacher, can be seen as the beginning of teaching. A lot of ancient Greek parents paid private teachers to teach their kids. During the Middle Ages, schools like Cambridge University were started, and teachers were required to get training.


Since ancient times, there has been a strong tradition of writers serving in important roles at the courts of kings and rulers. In the royal courts, there were many various sorts of writers, such as scribes, poets, songwriters, and writers of biographies.

Discover These 10 Ancient Jobs That Still Exist
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Ancient Greek authors, for example, have had a significant impact on Western culture; authors such as Plato and Aristotle are still widely regarded for their contributions to philosophy.

Writing has evolved into a massive career in the modern world, one that involves content writing, journalistic writing, and technical writing, and writers are in high demand.


Several of the first jobs have been left in the dust by the development of industry and technology. However, some jobs have stood the test of time and have been around since the beginning of time.